antithesis: lite



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Recently, I’ve found the urge to spoil myself to a movie marathon, but not as consistent as I want to because I’m really lazy. It’s Christmas break and while I have time (though I doubt I’ll finish), I hope to delve deeper into films I’ve watched and want to watch; particularly ones by Wong Kar-Wai, a Hong Kong filmmaker.

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Summer 2016

fimgSummer passed by really fast, and no matter how lazy I am, I really do want to make the most of it. School has started and I’m officially a junior — now formally addressed as the eleventh grade — studying accountancy, business, and management (which sounds kinda overwhelming, I’m not going to lie).

While I’ve done quite a bit over the summer, here is a collective of its highlight: a perpetually hungry and grumpy girl’s summer trip to Legazpi, Donsol, and Cagraray; including pictures, reviews, and a compilation video.

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